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founder's invitation to dream

On behalf of our Dream Team, I would like to welcome you to take some time and explore our website. We consistently bring passion and dedication to our work to offer you a robust range of educational consulting services.

Historically we’ve seen that marginalized communities characteristically have “nightmare” educational experiences due to gross inequities in resources and achievement outcomes. In our quest to level the playing field and ensure educational equity, these communities will be empowered to “DREAM” again in having the necessary resources and support to achieve greater academic successes. In turn, this access to increased opportunity will position them to thrive educationally and holistically.

With this in mind, I extend a heart-felt invitation to organizations, non-profits, institutions of learning, communities, and families to join forces with us to dare to dream of an equity-driven society and respond with action plans to actualize it. It is my sincere prayer that God, in His divine benevolence, will continue to lead and guide Dreamcast Educational Consulting and its partners in fulfilling our purpose to uplift vulnerable populations for generations to come!

At Your Service,

Dawnette Y. Banks, Ph.D.

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