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darlene collins

Darlene S. Collins is an economics and business education academic, specializing in economic analysis, curriculum development, and supervising research-based projects and academic progress. Her professional experience incorporates instructional delivery, development of assessment resources and implementing secondary and post-secondary curriculum. With over 20 years of experience as an educator, Mrs. Collins has exemplary skills in facilitating project-based learning and formulating alternative curriculum approaches for non-traditional students. Employing multi-media learning tools and diversified learning products, Darlene seeks innovative and engaging methods to serve students from a plethora of socio-economic backgrounds. In addition, Mrs. Collins’ leadership experience span across various educational settings, including coordinating federally-sponsored school programs, an advisory council, and serving as a board member for public educational organizations. 


Darlene believes that the art of teaching is utilizing the proper portions of preparation, instructional strategies, interaction, and feedback that promote self-improvement. Her lifelong commitment is to inspire others to become contributing members of society. Darlene currently resides in Orlando, Florida and enjoys exercising, reading the bible, and analyzing news articles related to the political economy.  

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